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About Sandbranch

Barely 14 miles from downtown Dallas, Sandbranch is an unincorporated community in the southeastern corner of Dallas County where none of the homes have running water, sewer service, or trash service. For many years, residents got their water from wells; however, in the ‘80’s, the County Health Department determined two-thirds of the well water is now unsafe to drink because of contaminants leaked into the water supply, the source of which has not been clearly identified. Today, Mt. Zion Baptist Church provides access to the community’s only water supply and social services.

Prior to 1985, Sandbranch had very few public amenities---1986 street signs installed; 1988, 911 services provided; 1995, Sheriff’s Office began community policing; 1996, smoke alarms provided to all residences and street lights installed by citizens; 1999, first community playground created. Click here to read what's being done in Sandbranch today.